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South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booths

This is our all steel South Beach stand up tanning booth on sale for only $7500 for the 48 lamp model!

Six Panels of Lamps with your choice of STEEL GRID or ACRYLIC lamp covers ($300 option now FREE upon request)

Your choice of 48, 54 or 60 Premium Reflector 160 Watt lamps for the best tan possible in 10, 12, or 13 minutes

All SOLID STEEL Construction! The only stand up tanning booth on the market which is entirely "welded" together

Largest inside standing area of any stand up tanning unit on the market today! (because we put the ballasts outside of the unit)

Superior Cooling Fan Technology with inverse impeller design

Available in stylish South Beach design or custom colors of your choice.  You choose the color and the graphics package, including your logo...all FREE

We offer a four level warranty which begins with a lifetime warranty on the steel frame, skin, and all steel components or about 75% of the tanning booth and a 3 year warranty on all electrical components

Our South Beach model also comes complete with stereo speakers, hanging straps, emergency cut-off button, and built-in T-Max 3A Digital Timer
Our unit includes a roll-out maintenance tray which makes trouble-shooting a snap! This unit contains all the ballasts, relays, and critical components of this industrial strength stand-up tanning booth.

Optional Features

Dressing Room

Exhaust System


Neon Accent

For ceiling less
than 96"

Acrylic Lamp

South Beach Door

Card Reader


South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth Prices

48 Lamp 160 Watt VHR Stand Up Tanning Booth for ONLY $7,500!
54 Lamp 160 Watt VHR Stand Up Tanning Booth for ONLY $8,500!
60 Lamp 160 Watt VHR Stand Up Tanning Booth for ONLY $9,500!
Optional Dressing Room $500


Click here to download our catalog and view your color choices for our stand up tanning booths

South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth Specifications

You can not buy another stand up tanning booth anywhere made entirely of welded solid steel!  Here are the specifications:


Frame Style

 Octagonal Vertical Tunnel


 Cosmolux VHR-9K90 160W

Lamps on Door


Lamp Covers

 Wire mesh standard, Acrylic Covers are $300 or FREE upon request

Neon Kit

 Neon Lights are $300 or FREE if you ask


 CosmoStart Electronic

Emergency Cut-off switch


Maximum Exposure

 10, 12, & 13 Minutes

Hour Meter



 Choke type, 1 per lamp


 10 Minute T-Max Digital Included

Body Fan

 Inverse Impeller type (35MPH)

After Cooling Fan

 3 minute post session cool down

Stereo Speakers


Frame Composition

 Solid Steel

Body Panels

 Solid Steel


 Lifetime Frame/Three year electrical


 220-240 volts AC, single or three phase available

Breaker Size

Can be wired single or 3 phase power

Receptacle Type

 Hard-wired to roll-out ballast tray

Bed Dimensions

 56"W x 96" Tall, plus rollout tray which is
12"W x 42" L


 870-950 lbs

Minimum Room Size

 8' x 7'

Ideal Room Size

 10' x 8'

Special Features

 Easy to assemble


 ETL Approved


 Custom colors available

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