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South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth Summary Page
You can not buy another stand up tanning booth anywhere made entirely of welded solid steel with a life-time guarantee!

stand up tanning booths
  • All SOLID STEEL Construction! The only stand up tanning booth on the market which is entirely "welded" together

  • Largest inside standing area of any stand up tanning unit on the market today!  Because our ballasts are on a roll-out tray.

  • Superior Cooling Fan Technology with Turbine type fan at top of unit.

  • Available in stylish South Beach design or custom colors of your choice

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  • Six Panels of Lamps with your choice of STEEL GRID or ACRYLIC ($300) lamp covers

  • Your choice of 48, 54 or 60 160 Watt lamps

  • Comes complete with stereo speakers, hanging straps, emergency cut-off button, and built-in T-Max 3A Digital Timer (as pictured below)

    stand-up tanning booth ceiling


  • Includes a roll-out maintenance tray which makes trouble-shooting a snap! This unit contains all the ballasts, relays, and critical components of this industrial strength stand-up tanning booth.  (as pictured below)

    stand-up tanning ballast tray

    South Beach Stand Up Tanning Booth Prices & Specifications

    Model   Price Max Time Lamps Timer   Amps  1    Amps 3 Watts   Receptacle      Ballast Tray      Facials      Lamps   
    48 Lamp South Beach VHR $9,500 13 VHR9K90 160W Built-in Digital 40A/55A 27A/35A 7680 Hard Wire Yes * 48
    54 Lamp South Beach VHR $10,500 12 VHR9K90 160W Built-in Digital 45A/60A 30A/40A 8640 Hard Wire Yes * 54
    60 Lamp South Beach VHR $11,500 10 VHR9K90 160W Built-in Digital 57A/70A 36A/45A 9600 Hard Wire Yes * 60
    Dressing Room $1000                  
    Exhaust System $300   Optional Equipment       *9k90's have facial lamp qualities
    Neon Lights $300        
    Acrylic Covers $300                  

    Special Shipping & Ordering Notes: 

    south beach stand up tanning booths

    1.  To place an order, please call toll free 888-999-7577, 8 AM to 10 PM EST, or email us with questions.  You may want to review our Most Frequently Asked Questions.  We prefer a 20% deposit with the balance due prior to or upon delivery.  Most orders can be delivered within 2 weeks although 6 beds or larger can take 4-6 weeks to deliver.  Rush orders will be considered.

    2.  For questions regarding tanning bed financing or leasing, please click here to complete our online application or visit our tanning bed leasing page here for more information.

    3.  Prices above do include FREE Shipping to anywhere in the USA!

    4.  The tanning bed bulbs installed in our stand up tanning booth are Cosmedico Light Company's* VHR Reflector Series VHR9K90 160W lamps which have only a 1.6% UVB and display the characteristics of a high pressure facial lamp throughout the lamp, therefore facial lamps are not needed in this unit.

    5.  With regards to electrical requirements, this stand up tanning booth can be pre-wired at the factory for "single" or "three" phase power and the Amps 1 and Amps 3 above indicate the "operating amps" or "draw" and the second number is the recommended breaker size.  To learn more about single vs three phase electrical operation you may want to review our eBook on How to Open a Tanning Salon.

    6.  There is an optional "dressing room" available for only $1500 and is pictured here on the right.  The dressing room is exactly the same size as the stand up booth itself but without the lamp assemblies inside.  The dressing room allows the stand up to be installed in an open space without building walls.  This is great for gyms, beauty salons, and other 24 hour fitness or tanning centers.

    7.  There is an optional "exhaust system shroud"  available for only $300 which will quiet the operation of the exhaust fan at the top and will allow for "duct" to be attached to remove the heat generated from these power units.

    8.  There is an optional "neon light kit" attachment available for only $300 which is pictured here on the left (click to enlarge).  The neon kit is great to attract attention to the stand up tanning booth when placed in a high visibility room or area.

    9.  There are optional "acrylic lamp covers" available for only $300 which give the inside a very clean look but will require maintenance and will have to be replaced eventually.  The standard configuration is wire mesh lamp covers.

    10.  There is a roll-out ballast tray pictured to the right is a highlight of our construction technique.  The powder-coated, all-steel service tray allows you to service all the parts in one convenient place and takes the ballasts out of the stand up booth (normally installed behind the lamp assembly) itself which gives your customer the most inside room of any stand-up unit in the industry!

    To order, please call toll free 888-999-7577 until 10 PM EST

    For questions regarding financing your commercial tanning bed purchase, please click here to learn more about tanning bed equipment lease financing.

    *Because all of our tanning beds are custom built to order, there will be a 20% restocking fee for cancelled orders, plus shipping charges, if applicable.

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